John Marty

Bold Vision. Ethical Leadership. Dedicated Public Servant.

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An Icon of Progressive Courage

Senator Marty has long been an outspoken champion of progressive causes.

A Fighter for Racial Justice

John has long been fighting to change our criminal justice system and end its outrageous discrimination which maintains a racial caste system in American society. He speaks out and works for an end to disparities in health, employment, education, and housing. John knows that we must never stop fighting until there is an end to all injustice.

Advocate for Workers and a Fair Economy

Authored and passed legislation to enable corporations to look beyond the interest of shareholders, and work for the interests of all stakeholders, including employees, customers, the environment, and the local community.

Outspoken Supporter of LGBTQ Rights

Since the early 1990s, John stood against widespread fear and open hatred of the LGBTQ community, courageously helping lead the fight for an amendment to the state human rights act to end discrimination against LGBTQ people in housing and employment. He introduced a marriage equality bill long before other DFLers were even willing to talk about the issue, and was an outspoken advocate for same-sex marriage for years, leading to its passage. John continues to be an outspoken defender of youth who are transgender, against the vicious
and cruel attacks from right-wing politicians, and has authored and strongly supported legislation to ban so-called “conversion therapy”.

Passionate Defender of the Environment

Leading the charge on climate legislation and speaking out against Line 3. John introduced and fought for Clean Car legislation, stronger Renewable Energy Standards, a carbon tax, and other legislation to protect our planet from the catastrophic impacts of global warming. He authored the legislation that jump-started Minnesota’s solar energy economy and included a provision that would have Minnesota develop a strategy and framework to become the first state to become 100% fossil-fuel free economy.
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A Vision for a Better Future

John Marty is a strong advocate for government ethics, environmental protection, and health care reform and has been a highly respected state senator for over 30 years.

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