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March 4, 2022

Domestic Violence

Every year, for about 30 Minnesota women and children, domestic violence is fatal. Roughly 800 more are hospitalized. Think of the families missing a daughter or a grandchild – thirty people killed every year and countless others living in fear and pain.

John supports the “red flag” legislation that would temporarily take guns away from a person who poses an immediate threat to themselves or others. In addition, Marty is the author of legislation that  stop people who have been convicted of domestic assault or violating an order for protection, from possessing guns.

Domestic violence programs exist to help people escape a toxic environment, but they are desperately short of funding, and many counties have few if any services. By investing in these valuable programs, we will not only save lives, but we will significantly reduce law enforcement, court, and prison costs.

Senator Marty continues to advocate for full funding of domestic violence programs and services so that people in every community have access to help. This is truly a life-or-death situation for many.