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Anita Mayfield


John Marty has always been a Senator known for his honesty, integrity and straight talk.  He works tirelessly to serve his constituents and is highly respected for his hard work in so many areas of critical importance to all.

The words "progressive courage" describe all of the issues that he supports:  an advocate for workers, defender of the environment, strong supporter of LGBTQ rights, racial justice, social justice, comprehensive educational opportunities and so much more. His courage in speaking out strongly and not holding back on what he truly thinks about injustice in all forms has always impressed me.  When he supports an issue he's "all in" and we can count on him to always be our voice to speak for what's right.

I admire Senator Marty for his forward-thinking in developing The Minnesota Health Plan, a statewide plan to provide healthcare for all Minnesotans. His work to develop that plan reflects his deep commitment to serving the healthcare needs of everyone. It is one major example of the values he holds to seek equality and fairness for all.

I have door knocked with John and have seen how much he cares about connecting with people, hearing their stories and working to meet the people's needs.  His service reflects his efforts to do just that and his record shows his many accomplishments to fulfill those needs.

We need his continued trusted service and leadership.