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Carolyn Laine

Former MN Senator, Columbia Heights

SD 40 Delegates,

John Marty’s list of accomplishments is long and impressive, but more importantly, his voice in the Senate is unique and irreplaceable. It is an ethical and principled focus, invariably standing up for the people, the environment, and good government.

It was my deep pleasure to work with John over my 14 years in the Legislature. Senator Marty is a formidable and gifted legislator. With unceasing energy, he presses forth every day, carrying the vision of a society that works for all of us and the vision of a Legislature that acts with the integrity and openness that people expect. These are visions for long-term change, meeting multifaceted challenges, drawing coalitions of support, celebrating victories along the way, and always pressing onward.

Senate District 40 has a hard choice in DFL endorsement between John Marty and Jason Isaacson. The unfortunate reality of politics is we often must choose between two good choices, whether in policy or in candidates. The two men are both my friends, and both may be well-liked by you too. But I must recommend John.

I encourage you to endorse John Marty for your Senator.