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Mindy Greiling

Former MN Representative, Roseville

As the mother of an adult son with serious and persistent mental illness and a former Minnesota legislator, I can say unequivocally that John has worked harder and done more for mental health than any other member of the Senate. I worked as a member of the Minnesota House of Representatives for change, served on the state and national NAMI board, authored a book on the issue (“Fix What You Can”), and continue to push for fixing our dysfunctional mental health system. When I served in the House of Representatives, at John's suggestion, he and I introduced an ambitious mental health bill which led to the largest appropriation for mental health to that date, as well as significant state policy changes.

Since that time, John has continued to work on significant mental health reforms, especially in pushing to treat mental illness and substance abuse as health challenges instead of criminalizing these illnesses. In addition, his proposed Minnesota Health Plan is the only way that we will ever ensure that all people will have the mental health care and treatment they need (as well as all the other care each of us needs as we move through life.)

I also want to speak to John’s ethical character as a leader. There is good reason why so many have called John Marty the “conscience of the senate.” Senator Marty has always provided a voice at the capitol for people who have no political clout, people who are not heard by the political establishment. He has developed thoughtful and innovative proposals to address issues that the political system ignores. John has had the courage of his convictions even under intense pressure.  And he has always done so with kindness. And compassion.

John Marty has also been a strong advocate for education. When I was chair of the House K-12 Education Finance Division, I was proud to have him chief author my comprehensive education finance reform bill, the New Minnesota Miracle, in the Senate, when other senators shied away.  

As far as winning in November, I’ve door knocked with John and know how hard he works, and how effective he is as a campaigner. John is a trusted leader who has consistently won even in strong Republican precincts. You can learn more about John Marty’s vision and leadership at


Mindy Greiling