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Nancy Vanderburg

Isaiah Volunteer, Shoreview

I am strongly recommending Senator John Marty for Senate District 40.  As a person who cares deeply about having a community and state that reflects politics:  

  •     that honor everyone’s dignity,
  •     where we have an economy that allows all of us to thrive, and  
  •     takes action to address our climate crisis

I feel that Senator Mary listens to all voter’s stories. I have seen and heard how he actively listens and does not interrupt or jump in with a quick response. That ability to listen and see issues has prompted him to write comprehensive bills on complex problems. He is willing to take a stand! I believe he will energizes people based on that vision of shared values (not a campaign that creates fear and division). Senator’s Marty’s bold vision is how we build a mandate for policies that value inclusiveness, equality and fairness.