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Sharon Coombs

Environmental Advocate, Shoreview

The Sierra Club North Star Chapter and the DFL Environmental Caucus have endorsed John Marty!

These endorsements are well-earned. John has proven he is an informed, diligent and courageous leader in the struggle to address the climate crisis and the fight for a livable planet for us, our children and grandchildren.

John authored legislation, Senate File 2526, to establish and implement a plan to transition to a 100 percent renewable energy future that brings Minnesota’s economy to net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2040. This bill would help Minnesota's economy: not only is renewable electricity already cost-competitive with fossil-generated power in many locations, it provides 50 percent more jobs, at similar pay, for the same amount of energy output.

John not only set out legislation to attain a livable future for us, he protected democracy by shielding ordinary people who take action to safeguard Minnesota's waters when government falls short in doing so.  John stood up, challenged and corrected the Republican state senator who misrepresented a bill amendment making trespass protesting subject to felony charges. This amendment, designed to frighten those of us who protested the construction of the Line 3 tar sands pipeline, passed in the Senate with the help of the vote of John's opponent.

John stood strongly against the Line 3 tar sands pipeline which carries the dirtiest of raw fossil fuels, posing a climate threat equal to that of 50 coal fired power plants. Fighting the pipeline from the start, John went, in winter, to Palisade, MN to view one of 2 pipeline construction sites where the pipeline now is bored under the Mississippi River. Now built, this tar sands pipeline leaves 2 northern Minnesota aquifers ruptured and over 200 bodies of water subject to further pollution. There have been 28 accidental releases of pipeline construction drilling fluid  — commonly known as frac-out --detected at a dozen river crossings between early June and early August 2021 alone.  These spills choke off the base of the aquatic food chain and likely threaten all aquatic life in these rivers as well as contaminating the vast underground water network in these areas. John continues to lead in the fight to hold Enbridge, the foreign pipeline company, accountable to disclose the composition of these drilling fluids used to bore under the rivers.

John accepts no special interest money – No PAC money. No lobbyist money. No soft money. No contributions over $200. He is not beholden to the BIG, DARK money in politics that prevents government from serving people first.

I heartily support John Marty to represent me in the Minnesota Senate!