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Steve Morse

MN Environmental Leader, Former State Senator, Former DNR Deputy Commissioner

We're at a turning point. Our natural environment has never faced the compounding crises we see today. Yet, too many political leaders act like business as usual will get us where we need to go. They couldn't be more wrong. Votes in support of environmental issues are good, but what we really need now are champions.

As a former State Senator who has dedicated decades of work to protecting our water, land and climate, I can assure you Sen. John Marty is the champion we need at this critical time to protect our future. John goes beyond the status quo, to work with local communities and policy experts to develop plans and policies that not only address the visible issues many see today, but also protect our shared future for generations to come in a fair and equitable way. It would be an incredible loss to us all if John Marty were not leading this work in the Senate in 2023. Please re-elect John Marty.