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March 14, 2022

The Marty Message: Restoring Trust in Government

Read the latest newsletter from Senator John Marty.

A Memo from John Marty


I am excited to be running to represent you in the Senate. Thank you for the wonderful conversations over these past few weeks. Many of you have talked about how crucial it is that we restore faith in government. The past few years have been very challenging for many, and I am committed to making government work for everyone. During my time in the Senate, I have championed campaign finance reform, with a track record of standing up to big money and introducing legislation aimed at overturning Citizens United so that the people have their voices heard, not wealthy corporations. I am the only Senator who has consistently funded my campaign exclusively with small contributions from individuals. That means no money from PACs, lobbyists, or wealthy donors. With your support, I will continue fighting for the public interest - not the interests of corporate lobbyists.

Government works as it should when children feel safe at school and receive a high quality education, when healthcare is affordable to all, when we address racial disparities, and when we ensure everyone can drink clean water and breathe clean air. I will continue working to restore faith in government and to ensure that government is serving all people, especially the most vulnerable.

Please join me in the pursuit of this vision. I'm continuing to reach out to each of you. Please feel free to call me directly as well at 651-285-6501. I look forward to connecting with you.

John Marty

Issue Corner:
Ending Poverty

"The War on Poverty was the first war in this country where we lost interest before we solved the problem... We can make life better for each other: we can build a better society, and everybody wins. We’re all in this together."

To read more about Senator Marty's work to end poverty in Minnesota, click here.

Community Endorsement:
Former Representative Paul Gardner

"I've worked with John Marty for 20 years. He was one of the first people to suggest that I run for office, and we also collaborated on bills in the Legislature. John doesn't play games. When he says something, he means it. When he says he will do something, he does it. He is the hardest working campaigner you will ever find. John Marty has been on the leading edge of the progressive movement in Minnesota for years. Mainstream DFL positions today on health care, voting rights, racial justice, social justice, and the environment were things John championed before they were mainstream. I look forward to being represented by John in the Minnesota Senate."

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Monday, March 14, 6pm

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Tuesday, March 15, 7pm

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Tuesday, March 21, 6pm

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Saturday, March 26, 9:00 am
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